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Remmie means trust and instant relief

Step 1. We Support Your Examination, Using Your Remmie Kit

Our kits are custom-built for your near in-person telehealth experience, anywhere you go.

Step 2. Visit a Board-Certified Remmie Doctor on Your Schedule

Our board-certified clinicians are ready for you online, 24/7, in 50 states.

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Receive the accurate diagnosis and / or prescription you need.

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About us

It all started when our founder, Jane Zhang's son had an ear infection soon after starting childcare. After a long year with four infections, misdiagnosis, being rejected the second opinion, an especially stubborn episode that lasted 40 days, and order of ear tube surgery, as a Bioengineering professor specialized in diagnostics for the home, Jane decided to do something about it.

Remmie is designed for busy families to take full advantage of the telehealth services, at an affordable cost, so families can spend more time worrying less.

Join Remmie, Know That You Are Taken Care Of

Remmie Ear Camera

Receive your telehealth-ready, connected device kit

Remmie Care Session

Telehealth visits enabled when you order a Remmie kit

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For everything that worries you


Tummy ache


Stuffy nose


Runny nose

Sore throat

Itchy eyes


Choose Remmie, Choose Freedom

Deeply committed to your worry-free telehealth care experience

Liberating: 90% fewer in-person visits needed

Caring: we want to examine you before diagnosing or prescribing

Accurate: you will be guided to show symptoms using our connected device kit to our telehealth doctors as if you are in-person

Credible: all clinicians have 5+ years of board-certification

Accessible: 24/7/365, 50 states

Cost-Saving: cheaper than most employer plans or copay

Quick: take care of 22+ common acuities

For the Whole Family: for babies, kids, and adults

Remmie is cheaper than majority of the insurance co-pays

Frequently asked


Is Remmie only for kids?

No, Remmie devices and services are for adults and children. When prompted, select Pediatrics service if seeking care on behalf of children.

Is Remmie covered by insurance?

Remmie's devices are not currently covered by insurance. However, the on-demand telemedicine services could be reimbursable depending on your insurance provider and region of service. Please refer to your service providers’ terms and your insurance coverage for details.

How can I set up a Remmie doctor consultation?

Follow instructions in your Remmie App to set up and test the Remmie device kit, and to book a consultation with a Remmie doctor. You would need to have a registered account to receive care, or will have an opportunity to sign up on demand.

A Remmie Kit should be in every family’s medicine cabinet. This product will be a lifesaver for parents.

- Kristen D., Mother of 2

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